Why would you use a web browser developed and managed by an advertising company?

I am deeply sorry I doubted Firefox. Thought maybe it was time to move on, and so I started to migrate to Opera. But today, the Chromium team proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are only serving their advertising overlords and advertisers themselves and _not_ the people. Firefox (really, Mozilla) is the last holdout for a free and open web.

Feeling Satisfied

I had set out about 2 years ago to get some certifications for my own personal and professional growth, but life and things and other things got in the way (work? Factorio? excuses?) and I just never finished them.

Well I set out to fix that this year and just yesterday I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam. The exam was more challenging then I expected, but I passed! Whew.

Going to chill on these for a bit now. In the fall I will tackle the RHCSA.

Virginia City & Gold Hill – March 2nd 2019

Had a great time stomping through the snow in Virginia City and Gold Hill over the weekend. I am overall happy with the photos, but I do want to improve, so here we go, time to critique. Let’s look at composition.

I could have done more to isolate the subject tree from the background. The fence on the right side is taking up too much attention in the scene. I’d probably drop the fence completely, move the subject tree right, and balance it with the one tree on the left in the background
I’d try this shot with a lower angle, to flatten/remove most of the background, to keep focus on the 3 trees.
The tree is not clear enough, the branches blend in too much with the stuff in the background. A lower viewpoint may have helped separate the tree from the background.