Inktober day 11

Inktober prompt today was “cruel”. I was at a conference today for work and there was a very serious labor protest happening outside the venue. I thought it was surreal that there was so much money being thrown around inside, so many deals being made, partnerships forming, etc, while outside were people striking for being underpaid and under appreciated. It was uncomfortable and I couldnt shake it. Capitalism can be pretty cruel.

Inktober day 10

A day late. At a marijuana tech conference for work and havent had time. So here is a quickie! Todays theme is “flowing”.

Inktober day 8

Inktober day 8, “star”. Used a liquid mask for the first time. Glad I tried it on some scratch paper first as I learned it does pull ink up and can tear the paper if you are not careful.

I am very happy, overall, with this. It’s the best thing I have done in years. There are only a few glaring mistakes that I will be sure to rectify next time, specifically the pooling up of the ink.