Halfway through Inktober

I am halfway through Inktober. I have not drawn this much in many, many, years. Inktober is a challenge. It is difficult to create something each day, let alone something interesting each day. It has been a rewarding challenge though, as I feel, now two weeks in, like this is just what I do. I come home from work, and instead of playing video games, I draw. It’s what I used to do. Feels good to be doing it again. The social media aspect of the challenge adds an interesting bit of pressure to not fall (too far) behind and to actually get some work out there. It’s one of the most positive social media experiences I have had.

My approach to the challenge is to try something in a different style each day. The results are not always super clean and my impatience means that I am putting in no more than 2 hours into each day, usually coming in around 1 hour, and some as few as 15 mins. However, as a practice and a sketching exercise it has been pretty great. I am remembering that I used to do a lot of different types of art.

I am inspired by some of the crazy effort people have been putting into the challenge, like creating 31 pieces that form an entire story that is unfolded daily, or creating 31 drawings in the same style in the same sketch book in a tight and cohesive collection. Even just maintaining a theme each day. I dig it. Next year I may try something so ambitious. By then I should have a lot more practice in and may be up for the challenge.