Started using Let’s Encrypt for my personal websites and apps. Was pretty easy to setup, and thanks to Chef, even easier to deploy and keep updated.

Polaroid Cameras

I have been playing with a OneStep 2 from Polaroid Originals for a bit and just fucking love using it. Even more than my DSLR. The finality and surprise of the photographs with a Polaroid make it exciting to use. You get one shot. The film is super expensive. The photos can be awkward. The results can be hilarious, but the are authentic, genuine and feel more real. There is an anticipation waiting for the shot to expose and there is the excitement of seeing it actually come out! Or not, that is also entertaining!

I picked up an old-ish Polaroid 600 OneStep Close-Up camera over the weekend. I think it may be from the 90’s. Found a place that still manufactures the 600 type film and will be ordering some soon.