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On the path of self improvement

In my journey of self improvement and growth I am noticing a tendency to want to pin _all_ issues onto a single source as the problem. And then simply removing that problem fixes _all_ things. This is not really how it works.

The latest was pinning depression/anxiety/etc entirely on video games. Removing games was the answer, and for a little while I did feel better, but all of those things came back. I realize that I was trying to shoe-horn everything into a perceived video game addiction when the reality was the video games were a symptom and a distraction of and from other issues. Nothing is black and white and there is much to untangle. There is a path though.

I had a great conversation over the weekend about work ethic. We have a couple of friends who both were headed towards success in their art, and while one is really breaking out and realizing that success, the other is not. And the reason being, their work ethic. One of them put the work in, the other did not.

I realize that I am more like the latter. I am not putting the work into myself, my art, my relationships, and that is a major driver in my overall mental and physical health. Video games, movies, books, are great distractions from reality but at the end of the day if I am not putting in the work to realize my potential then I am never going to be the person I want to be. And the cycle will continue.