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Digging Through Sketchbooks

Looking Back to Go Forward? Going Through Old Sketch Books.

I have been going through old sketchbooks looking for ideas and getting inspired by my old work. I found a lot that I liked! I have a few themes that I use throughout like, the last 12 years of sketchbooks. Sun Worship, Faces, Graffiti, Shadow People, Ants. Also, it is clear that Burning Man had a big influence on my sketches.

Sun Worship

Calling all of this "sun worship". It could also be called my Burning Man experience. I had a moment at Burning Man at sunrise where the sun devoured the world. It was terrifying and beautiful and all of that jazz. It inspired in me a sense of awe. The sun is the source of all life. And our sun the most important star of all the stars in the sky. And realizing that our star is just one of an unfathomable amount of stars in the universe should be enough to make you want to hide under a rock from the vastness of size of the universe. But knowing that and being able to contemplate such a thing, should make you realize how big we could be.  I don't know how to capture that in art so my sketches tend to either be watching the sun in awe, or showing some sort of creation by the sun.  


Faces tend to be my go to. When in doubt of what to draw, draw a damn face. I like the faces though, they are a good vehicle to hang whatever emotions I am currently processing onto. If you look at my Instagram you will see it's mostly faces!

The Shadow People

The shadow people are a common theme in nearly everything. Helps to give a sense of scale. They started as ants, and have turned into figures.