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I am working on keeping things real simple, and to not over work everything. This was the most comfortable I have been with watercolor. Looking at it now, I’d like to add some more definition to the clouds.

Watercolor Wash Exercise

I am very impatient when it comes to painting, especially watercolor. However I was shown a great exercise for practicing and warming up that helps me slow down and focus; Creating smooth watercolor washes. It’s actually kinda hard to do. My first attempts are not that great. But I think this is a great exercise.

The images below are in the order they were created. I improved by the 3rd and 4th but there is still a long way to go. These should be perfectly smooth solid colors.

Definitely a few things to practice here. First being water control. Gotta get rid of the streaks. I am not using enough water and/or letting the paper dry. Second, brush control. I can see the strokes, and the directions are inconsistent. Finally, the paper warped and the water pooled up. It’s kinda shitty quality paper though. I’ll stretch it out next time.